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Frequently Asked Question

How may I use the services?

JCTH+’s one stop online psychological self-help platform is easily accessible. Simply log-in on the web browser version or download the mobile app, register as a member, and immediately enjoy our free services.

If I were a member on the previous JCTH platform, do I need to register again to be a member of the new platform?

There is no such need. After the new platform launches, all registered members can log onto JCTH+ with the same email address they used previously. Once they reset their passwords and update their personal information, they can continue using the service.

Will the previous member records from courses and self-help modules be transferred to the new platform?

In order to enable JCTH+ to better serve members’ needs, the new platform will be completely revamped, including reorganizing and rewriting all courses and self-help resources. We will also leverage multi-media to enable an interactive content display, which employs a completely different mode from the previous platform, therefore, unfortunately we are unable to migrate users’ previous content to the new platform. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Does the project provide psychotherapy services?

JCTH+ does not provide traditional, one-on-one psychotherapy services. We provide online self-guided psychological support services supported by Psychological Well-being Officers. We also host different events tailored to users’ needs to buttress users’ online learning, such as seminars, workshops aimed at equipping users with self-care skills, and group psychotherapy. This platform is suited for users who want to self-learn in order to improve their mental health.

Can the services provided by the project replace traditional psychotherapy?

Our content was developed based on psychological theories, research, and/or intervention approaches that have demonstrated to be effective in improving mental health and reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms. However, our services cannot replace traditional face-to-face psychotherapy nor medication. Each mode of care has its own function and is suitable for different people. We believe in maintaining a multi-faceted mode of service to provide more holistic treatment options to society in the quest to improve mental health. 

Fees and Charges

All charges received go towards reimbursement for the trainers and for facility booking. If participants require financial aid, please contact us for enquiry via email: jctourheart@cuhk.edu.hk.

Could I cancel my registration after I signed up for a workshop or group therapy?

Once registered, unless the event is cancelled, all paid fees are non-refundable. Thank you for your kind understanding.

What is the scope of this project? What does it mean by self-guided psychological support services?

Our platform offers low intensity online self-guided psychological support services according to the ‘stepped care model’ and organizes various types of activities (e.g., webinars, workshops , guidance from Psychological Well-being Officer and therapy groups with references to the intensity of online training) to consolidate the online learnings. Different support tools will be recommended to members according to ones’ psychological conditions.

The self-guided training and services aims at supporting members with psychological distress. All self-guided training and services are evidence-informed, effective in preventing and alleviating depressive and anxiety symptoms.

The intensity of our online self-guided psychological support services is currently not designed to cater relatively complex and/or severe psychological distress. Our services cannot be used as the substitutes of standard face-to-face therapy, medication, counseling services, and immediate or emergency emotional support. If the service formats, options and intensity do not match with your current needs, we encourage you to search for services that best suit you. For example, you may consult other professionals (e.g., psychologists, medical practitioner or other qualified counselors etc.) If you are facing severe psychological distress or an emergency, below are some 24-hour mental health support helplines for your references: https://www.jcthplus.org/immediate-help. You may visit the Accident and Emergency (A&E) services if needed.

We sincerely hope that you could explore safe and comfortable ways to take care of yourself amid difficult times.

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