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TourHeart Enrichment Workshop: Can I keep my cool?
21 June (Wednesday)|7:30pm – 9:30pm
Target group:Members with mild to moderate level of emotional distress


Irritability has become a prevalent characteristic among modern individuals. Despite our best intentions to remain calm and maintain peace, we often find ourselves losing our composure and expressing anger in ways that can harm ourselves and those around us. The psychology of anger is far from straightforward – what do these strong emotional reactions truly signify?

In this two-hour workshop, our clinical psychologist will delve into the neuroscience of "anger" , helping us to unravel and understand the root causes of our anger and explore ways to channel it into motivation for constructive actions and communication. We will also learn strategies to express anger in a healthy manner in our interpersonal relationships so that our communication with others is effective, respectful, and not driven by feelings of irritability, resentment, or tension.

This event will be held in Cantonese.


  • The science of anger? Are we born irritable?
  • The power of our words
  • Even flies get angry: Exploring anger and violence in the animal kingdom
  • How to address anger issues specifically
  • Mindfulness and Empathy

Instructor profile

Adelina Lau is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience working in public healthcare institutions. She has worked alongside with patients with life-threatening illnesses and navigated the difficult journey of recovery. Adelina holds a postgraduate diploma in neuropsychology from the University of Bristol in the UK and a master's degree in clinical psychology from the University of Hong Kong. In addition to her professional pursuits, 

Adelina enjoys running and sipping coffee. She always believes it is possible to build happiness and resilience by actively cultivating hope and optimism.


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If you are currently facing severe mental distress or in a crisis situation requiring immediate assistance, please click here to our "Need Help" page for a list of 24 hour mental assistance hotlines, or click here to open "Self-care Resource Kit" for temporary emotional relief.

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