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Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting
October 22 (Saturday)|10:30am - 12:00pm
Target group:Members with mild to moderate level of emotional distress


“I want to let go, but I can't forget!" is something that we often hear. Yet, does letting go really mean forgetting? Whether it is self-blame for what we’ve done, pain from the past, or worry about the present and future, our mind is often preoccupied with things that we cannot forget, or things that we think we ought not to forget in case we repeat similar mistakes, making us hard to let go and fully engage in our present moment.

This workshop will guide you to look into the difference between “let go” and “forget”, and further explore how things we find hard to let go of can enrich our lives. It will also introduce different techniques for you to be kind and understanding to yourself, allowing to let go without forcing yourself to forget, which gives you more space to engage in the present.  


  • Understand the difference between “letting go” and forgetting”
  • Explore how things you find hard to let go of can enrich you
  • Learn to let go by being kind to yourself and using different techniques  Instructor profile:

Instructor profile

Ella Z. Tsang is a Clinical Psychologist who is also a Florist and a Japanese Preserved Floral Art Instructor. Ms. Tsang obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology (Psychology) from the University of Hull and later obtained a Master of Art in Psychology and a Master of Social Sciences in Clinical Psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She joined StoryTaler in 2021 and aspires to promote mental health and reduce psychiatric stigma.


* In case of financial difficulties, please email to enquire about fee waiver.
** Spaces are limited. If the number of registrants exceed the quota, we will allocate spots by drawing lots, and will notify the results by email.

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